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About Me

My way

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One of my greatest passions has always been long hiking trips. Being on long, flat or mountain trails, I have often had contact with injuries resulting from overloading my spine and joints and those of my companions. I wanted to acquire skills that allow for original work with the human body and its dependencies, in order to be able to help others on the way.

Diploma from Joanna Kieliszek

Professional life

I have been dealing with massages "forever", but formally since 2011, when I completed my training and exam at the BioStudio school in Gdańsk. It was there that I also acquired my first chiropractic experience. I decided to learn this art from the best. Over the next years, I developed my chiropractic skills through numerous trainings and internships with a respected expert - a very experienced specialist in manual therapy - Joanna Kieliszek (whom I consider as a mentor of my work), who also gave me the Manual Therapist Diploma. The value of knowledge and skills that I received from Mrs. Kieliszek, as well as the diploma from her hands, is absolutely invaluable to me. In the following years, I expanded my experience as a therapist through numerous additional individual trainings and internships with the best specialists from various therapeutic industries.
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My mission

My goal is to fight the increasingly common civilization diseases. With my treatment I reduce pain, restore fitness and often save patients from regular painkillers or surgery.

Private life

Privately, apart from "wandering around the world", I am interested in board games, dancing, photography, canoeing and skiing. I have been playing djembe drums and other percussion instruments since 2004.