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Manual therapy - Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot

Chiropractic, spine massage


I started my adventure with Manual Therapy twenty years ago, but not as a therapist, but as a patient. As a child, I went to therapy with one of the best chiropractors in Poland, Joanna Kieliszek and Grzegorz Jabłoński, who trained future therapists, including my mother. Mrs. Joanna was initially my mother's mentor, but over time she also became my teacher, with whom I could gather my first skills in the profession. I have been in contact with Therapy all my life, from the perspective of the patient and the therapist, so I know how important it is for the therapist to approach the patient appropriately.


I am constantly developing my knowledge and skills by participating in various courses and trainings. An example of this can be the first and second degree health massage professional course in Biostudio as well as chiropractic studies at the University of Health Sciences. I gain new experience to better help in the removal of patients' pain. From 2021, I started working with Tomek and joined "Good Therapy". Together, we create a team that cares for our patients in the best way.

My Mission

I have always been indifferent to the fate of other people. What does it consist of e.g. being the chairman of the school volunteer service and actively participating in many charity events. In 2023, I donated my bone marrow to save someone else's life, because life and helping others is a priority for me.
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Mikołaj wraz z jedynym w Polsce Profesorem Chiropraktyki Mariuszem PosłusznymMikołaj with the only Professor of Chiropractic in Poland
Mariusz Posłuszny